Brebeng consulting Inc. Brebeng consulting Inc. Brebeng consulting Inc.

Business solutions for small to medium size companies; oriented to reduce cost, increase productivity and profitability.

Development and implementation of business solutions through Business Administration, Industrial Engineering and Information technology.

Reorganization accounting, operational, administrative, sales, cash flow controls, streamlining operations to make your company more profitable.


In Brebeng Consulting we help companies to face the challenge of globalization, integrating the company from operations to accounting. We will assist you in implementing techniques that help your employees better understand your business model. We will help you optimize the flow of information in your company as well as the operating and administrative procedures. Our objective is to make sure that all the information flows efficiently through the system and gets properly recorded in your accounting books helping the construction of reports. We believe that accurate reports will result in better planning of your company's present and future.


Brebeng consulting Inc.
Business Engineering
Brebeng consulting Inc.
Business Restructuring
Brebeng consulting Inc.
Fractional CFO / Controllers Services
Brebeng consulting Inc.
Business Modeling, Accounting Operations and Implementation
Brebeng consulting Inc.
Business System and Process Assessment
Brebeng consulting Inc.
Streamlining Company Solutions


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Brebeng consulting Inc.

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